Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ski Beach

Roberto's Take-Out @ Ski Beach, Mission Bay

Yesterday was another hot one! Not to mention day 3 in a row of toddler's first swim lessons. All of us were tired, cranky and needed to get out of the house. Hubby picked up some take-out and we all had a picnic at Ski Beach.

I'd never been here to use the playground. There are a few prime parking spots next to the playground - no worry about hauling stuff - but they were all occupied when we arrived. Once we got set up on the sprawling grass around the playground, I noticed that all the kids that were on the playground had left. The bum that was trying to take cover, underneath the swing set must have scared them off. After a few minutes of not finding comfort there, he made his way to the bathroom and found a bench to sleep there. I know because I had to run after the toddler who had fun hearing the echo of his screams in the bathroom....kinda scary to think a potential predator might be in there.

Nevertheless, we had fun on the playground. It was a moderate sized playground structure with lots of climbing and things to do for toddler and older kids. I was impressed by how safe I felt about any possibly injuries. And there was a great little playground for baby. She made her way up and down the stairs and slides, the landing was enclosed and even if she had found a place to fall - it was only about 2' tall so I didn't have much to worry. There was also a separate area with swings for babies & older kids.

The positioning of this playground is almost at the edge to the bay. We had such a beautiful view of the water, all the boats that are out in dozens during the summer, and even the downtown skyline. There is no way we could have gone to a restaurant with a view like this, without paying a bundle and having cranky kids!

Ski Beach is such a large park, they have - large covered area with picnic benches for big parties, large grassy areas for games (there were several organized soccer games going on), boat launch area and lots of random picnic benches & bbq's. Not to mention, just about anywhere you set up you can take a dip in the bay - the park is pretty much a peninsula shape and surrounded by the water. It's also one of the great places to watch the Thunder Boat Races when they come to town!

We'll definitely be going back, but not without daddy!

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