Saturday, August 22, 2009

La Jolla Rec Center

It was a dreary morning and I decided to get the kids out early, before any chances of thunderstorms could come our way. We headed down to the La Jolla Rec Center off of Prospect and Draper. Just a few blocks from the ocean, neighbors to the La Jolla Presbyterian Church, The Bishops School, La Jolla Tennis Club and La Jolla Art Institute.

I usually head there on a weekday and find parking right outside of the fence. Not today! We parked a couple blocks away and walked up there. Even though it was barely 9am. They get an early start around there!!! For an, open to the public, rec center in La Jolla the place was buzzing. Every tennis court was filled, there were kids on all the playground structures and the basketball courts were full, and heard screams from inside the center.

This park is great because there are swing sets for every age group, a structure for older kids, toddlers and a smaller one for the younger babes. Play ship, play firetruck and playhouse! And if you want to keep your kids out of the sand, which is the soft ground for most of the play structures, you actually can let them play on one of the structures that just has soft padding for the ground. There are also novelties like tether ball and kids basketball hoop. Bonus for us moms with our hands full, apparently you can borrow balls from the center when they are open!

The kids loved every moment and everyone was friendly, not something you always encounter in La Jolla. And despite the dreary day, it was quite sunny and extra windy (what you get when you're so close to the ocean). There was a cute art walk set up on the grassy area outside the center - away from the fenced in playgrounds. No security worries because the fences keep the kids in and the bums out. Nice time had by all!

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