Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Let them eat cake!

For babies first birthday we celebrated at Kate Sessions, Thunder Road, Concert on the Green. The Bruce Springsteen Tribute Band played the last concert of the season. The kids rocked out, the adults hung out and we ate a fabulous cake.

If you're not familiar with Kate Sessions Park, it has one of the most beautiful views in San Diego. It is in North Pacific Beach on top Mount Soledad. Whereas the Cross at Mount Soledad overlooks LaJolla and everything North. Kate Sessions overlooks Mission Bay and south, down to the Ocean Beach Pier. During the Fourth of July you can watch 4+ sets of fireworks. Alcohol during the day is permitted ~ since the beaches are dry now, many parties have moved up here.

There is a large grassy hill as it is going up the mountain. When hubby was young, he and several friends would cram themselves into a large carnation barrel and make their way tumbling down the grassy hill. Dogs are also permitted, on leash. There is plenty of picnic areas and shade by large trees.

There are walking trails throughout a large canyon behind the regular park set-up. And there is a nice playground for the kids. Small structure for toddlers and bigger structure for the 3-5 year old set. Wood chipped ground complete with a set of swings.

There are always safety factors at any park. I somewhat worry that the playground is close to the busy Mount Soledad fairway, Lamont Street. And with the large canyons and long history of the park, sometimes I see some odd passersby that makes me wonder if people might be living in the canyon.

For our family, we will always have fond memories of this park. It was where hubby spent many fun childhood afternoons. Both Toddler & Baby had their 1st birthday's there. And it's only a few blocks from home.

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