Monday, August 3, 2009

Extra time on my hands...

What to do? I'll start a blog, like I've always been wanting to do, and share my interests with the world and beyond! I'm a 30 something mom with 2 little kids, dog and well then there's my hubby. Boy next door from childhood, we grew, spread our wings and found our paths intersecting again as adults. Is there one true love? The jury is still out on that... but I'm pretty happy just where I am.

I never thought I'd find myself loving motherhood. Cooking, cleaning and staying pretty. I strive for the fifties housewife fantasy, but live in the reality that it did not really even exist 60 years ago. So I try to have a balanced life and bring happiness into all of our lives by relaxing and kicking up my heels, aka mama's flip flops! Hope you enjoy reading my tales and maybe you'll bring a bit of fifties glamour to your household someday soon.

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